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Equuis Wealth Management™ consists of financial advisors located in Vernon, BC. We help clients with their financial needs anywhere in British Columbia and Alberta. If you came across this website and do not live in BC or Alberta, we have affiliations located in other provinces and internationally. Please contact us and we will refer you.

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The fact that you are visiting our website means you are looking into financial planning or looking for a new solution. It is the first step to taking control of your financial well-being.


How can financial planning make your life better?

It will give you peace of mind and freedom, knowing that you are doing what you can to grow your wealth, that you are on track to reach your future goals, and that your loved ones are looked after.


Be Queen (or King) of your finances!



Why Equuis Wealth Management™?

PICK YOUR SEAT and we'll help you get there.


Managing wealth is not just about a return on your investments and financial abundance. When you have a sound financial plan and your money is working for you, you have the time and peace of mind for the things that are important to you - like family and friends, travel, personal development, community involvement and philanthropy. Helping our clients prosper and achieve their life's goals is our passion.


At Equuis Wealth Management™ we have a sincere interest in educating and coaching our clients through the often difficult process of making the right financial decisions, and setting up a financial plan that grows with you. Over the course of a lifetime, you will face different financial issues, like starting a new business, building wealth, providing for your children and grandchildren, retiring, and wherever else your passions may take you. We will help you every step of the way. We care about improving your financial well-being and it shows through our firm's 20%+ annual growth.


At Equuis Wealth Management™ it's really ALL ABOUT YOU.


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Getting Started - Setting goals, reviewing your finances, and meeting with us

Estate Planning - How to preserve your wealth for you and your family

Retirement Planning - The key to a secure and comfortable future

Investment Planning - Strategies to increase your wealth and pay less taxes

Business Financial Planning - Start your business on the right financial track

Stewarding Your Money - Discover the importance of paying yourself first

Choosing A Financial Planner - How to find one that's right for you


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Cash Flow Planning


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